Hey! I’m Hannah (Hann for short). Let me bore you with some details about myself!

I am 24 years old, wife to hunky Chrish and mother to Harlow. I have always loved makeup and all things beauty but having my daughter taught me that life is too short to do anything you’re not passionate about. She helped me understand who I really wanted to be and the confidence to make it happen! I jumped right into school and graduated from the Skin Science Institute with my Master Esthetics license specializing in lash extensions and brow shaping. After graduating, I continued my makeup education in Los Angeles. Most of my experience with makeup is self-taught but have also been trained by renowned makeup artists; Lilit Caradanian and Kandee Johnson.

Outside of the makeup world, I am an animal lover, starbucks addict, fashion fanatic, tabloid junkie, candle hoarder, laundry procrastinator, and Netflix binger. I quote mean girls and The Office daily and will never get over 90’s rom-coms.

My hope for this blog, is that I can share with you my passion for inner and outer beauty, my belief in being bold; for me that means taking risks, being daring and confident in yourself. I hope to share my love for products, creativity, helping others feel beautiful, esthetics, and a few snippets of my life along the way.

Thanks for stopping by!

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